Sustainability at Institut AllergoSan

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As a centre for microbiome research, Institut AllergoSan has set itself the goal of developing scientific innovations that are committed to the overall system of people and nature. This means that we work exclusively with substances provided by nature. We are committed to protecting and preserving this basis for our work. We have been living sustainability with enthusiasm for many years - and are constantly intensifying our commitment.

From resource-saving packaging to a climate-friendly journey to the workplace: we analyse the impact of our actions, develop measures and keep working to find even better solutions for the environment and society - together we can make an important contribution!

At Institut AllergoSan, we are convinced that the sustainable development of our planet and the preservation of a world worth living in with mutual respect and fair treatment of one another can only be achieved if we take action on several levels. This is why we have developed a sustainability strategy in which we proactively drive forward measures in these areas: environmentally, economically and socially.

Our focus: Three pillars of sustainability

Employees and Community

We bear responsibility towards all those who work for and with us.

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Economic Sustainability

Our entrepreneurial activities also aim to benefit future generations.

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Environment and Resources

An ecological approach reduces emissions and saves natural resources.

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