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ABOCA Fitonasal Nasal Spray Concentrate

For blocked noses


ABOCA Fitonasal Nasal Spray Concentrate

For blocked noses

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€ 13,39

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What is Fitonasal nasal spray concentrate?

Fitonasal nasal spray concentrate is a protective decongestant nasal spray that can be used for colds, allergies and generally for nasal congestion and irritation of the nasal cavities associated with acute and chronic conditions.

How does Fitonasal nasal spray concentrate work?

Fitonasal nasal spray concentrate is a product whose effect unfolds through the interaction of all the ingredients in the formulation. Of particular importance among these is the TANNISAL-FL complex, a natural molecular complex of tannins, flavonoids and rock salt, which, together with the vegetable glycerine, gives the product the following effects:

  1. A non-pharmacological decongestant effect, based on the standardised and balanced osmolality (750 mOsm/kg), which helps to attract the fluids from the swollen mucosa. This liquefies the secretions and facilitates their drainage, also through a physical action to cleanse the nasal cavity without irritating and drying out the mucous membrane. A protective action, thanks to the mucoadhesive and antioxidant action to maintain the epithelial barrier and promote mucosal regeneration.

The natural eucalyptus and mint aromas give a pleasant sensation of freshness.

How is Fitonasal nasal spray concentrate used?

Adults and adolescents over 12 years: spray 2 times into each nostril, blow the nose and repeat the application. Children from 6 to 12 years: spray 1 time in each nostril, blow the nose and repeat the application. Clean the spray head with a damp and clean cloth after each use and dry carefully. It is recommended to use Fitonasal nasal spray concentrate several times a day (even at short intervals) and again before going to bed. Fitonasal nasal spray concentrate does not contain any vasoconstrictors and does not cause any habituation effect thanks to its innovative, non-pharmacological mechanism of action. It does not dry out the mucous membranes, is not irritating and can be used frequently, even over a longer period of time.


Do not use in case of hypersensitivity or allergy to one or more ingredients. Consult a doctor if symptoms persist. Use only in the nose. Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water. Keep out of reach of children. The expiry date stated on the package remains unchanged after first use. Follow directions for use carefully and seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist if necessary.
Functional ingredients: TANNISAL-FL: standardised natural molecular complex consisting of a tannin fraction and a flavonoid fraction (from witch hazel and thyme), and rock salt (salt obtained from salt mines, not chemically treated). Also contains: water, vegetable glycerine, natural eucalyptus flavour and natural mint flavour.


Fitonasal Nasal Spray Concentrate is contained in a glass bottle equipped with an Advanced Preservative Free (APF) technology spray head, a multi-dose system with an integrated filter membrane that allows for the following:
  • Pre-dosed fine atomisation: the pump-spray spray head delivers a specific amount of product with each burst of spray, ensuring an even dose.
  • Quality and no preservatives: The filter membrane preserves the microbiological quality of the product with each delivery by filtering the incoming air. This feature allows the product to be used until the expiry date without the need for synthetic preservatives.
  • Environmental protection: the product does not contain propellant gas and is therefore kind to the environment.
  • Free from preservatives, emulsifiers and other synthetic substances. Suitable for children from 6 years of age.