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BOOK The Gut Diet

Programme your gut bacteria to "slim"


BOOK The Gut Diet

Programme your gut bacteria to "slim"

€ 17,75

  • Warum der Darm wesentlich für ein gutes Leben ist
  • Schluss mit Jo-Jo
  • Bewegung – wichtig für Darm und Figur
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€ 17,75


Put an end to the yo-yo effect: Lose 4 kilos in 4 weeks

This diet regenerates the intestinal flora and the "right" intestinal bacteria ensure a permanently slim line. You are on a strict diet, and yet the excess kilos don't want to disappear. Other people can eat as much as they want and not gain weight. The solution lies in our intestines: an imbalance between fattening and slimming bacteria can cause stubborn obesity. The good news is that with the gut diet you can reprogramme your gut bacteria to be slim, so you lose weight, keep your new figure and also do something good for your health.


  • Why the gut is essential for a good life
  • Good and bad food processors
  • The gut diet: two paths to success - one goal
  • Put an end to the yo-yo effect
  • The Amazon diet start: daily plans and recipes for fighters
  • How to pamper your slimming bacteria: Recipes for a gentle change
  • Exercise - important for your gut and figure


Mag. Anita Frauwallner Please note this book is available in German language only.