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META-CARE® Origanox

Air & Respiratory tract


META-CARE® Origanox

Air & Respiratory tract


  • High-quality extract from wild marjoram
  • Valuable antioxidant (radical scavenger)
  • Easy to use - simply dissolve and drink
Gluten free
Lactose free

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What is META-CARE® Origanox?

Valuable nutrients from wild marjoram META-CARE® Origanox supplies the high-quality, water-soluble extract from wild marjoram as an easy-to-take powder. Wild marjoram is traditionally used especially for respiratory problems. The aromatic herb contains about 800 substances, such as flavonoids, tannins, bitter substances and vitamin C. Due to its ingredients, wild marjoram has antioxidant properties and can thus help protect the organism from free radicals. These aggressive oxygen compounds are increasingly produced in the body during stress, heavy physical strain or through external influences such as environmental toxins and cigarette smoke.

When can META-CARE® Origanox be used?

  • For the targeted supplement of Origanox (nutrients from wild marjoram).
  • For people who have the feeling that they cannot get enough "air
Ideal for smokers, athletes or older people.

How is META-CARE® Origanox used?

Stir half the measuring spoon (= 1 g) into 1/8 l water up to twice daily and drink. It is recommended to take this product in the morning before breakfast and in the evening shortly before going to bed.

Please note

We recommend consulting your doctor regarding use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding before using this product.


Oregano leaf extract


Contents per daily dose = 1 teaspoon
  • Oregano leaf extract (2000 mg)
Food supplement