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Natural humic acids for stomach and intestine  



Natural humic acids for stomach and intestine  

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Gluten free
Lactose free
Suitable for diabetics
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What are humic acids?

Humic acids are natural decomposition products of plants that occur everywhere in nature. Humic acids are particularly useful in medicine because they are able to protect the skin and mucous membranes, promote digestion and strengthen the body's own defences.

What distinguishes Activomin® from animal charcoal products:

    The advantages of the humic acids contained in Activomin® WH67®.
  • They act as a protective film over the intestinal cells. In this way, they immobilise the peripheral nerve endings stressed during diarrhoea and accelerate the restoration of physiological intestinal function.
  • They seal the mucous membranes, thus preventing harmful substances from entering the blood system and can counteract disease-induced dehydration.
  • They displace pathogens, block their receptor sites in the intestine and also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

How/against what do the humic acids WH67® contained in Activomin® act?

Activomin® has the ability to firmly bind harmful substances and toxins in the human intestine. As a result, harmful substances are not absorbed by our body, nor can they enter the bloodstream. The bound toxins are excreted even before a harmful effect occurs.

Diarrhoea and aftercare for gastrointestinal tract problems

Pathogenic germs, travel, spoiled food or side effects of certain medicines can cause diarrhoea. The natural humic acids WH67® contained in Activomin® support the direct binding and excretion of pathogenic substances via the stool and can alleviate the course of the disease.

Weakened defences

The direct contact of humic acids with special cells of the intestinal mucosa can lead to an activation of the body's own defence system. The immune system is strengthened by the elimination of harmful substances.

Rheumatic complaints

Case reports show that these complaints are alleviated by taking natural humic acids, as humic acids counteract inflammation. The high binding capacity of natural humic acids exerts a protective effect against various degradation products in the human organism. These are intercepted by the humic acids and excreted before they can lead to disease-causing effects. Chronic diseases such as rheumatic complaints can also be positively influenced by this.

Pollutant load on the body

When ingested orally, the natural humic acids cover the gastrointestinal mucous membranes like a film and can prevent the adhesion of foreign substances of a chemical and microbial nature.

Chronic skin diseases and allergies

Today, connections are described between skin diseases, allergies and the intestines. For example, intestinal cleansing leads to a reduction in itching, acute episodes of neurodermatitis and allergy disposition.

Chronic skin diseases and allergies

Increased intestinal activity, as is often the case with stress intestines, poor nutrient utilisation and one-sided diets, can be regulated through the use of humic acids. In the healthy intestine, the food pulp is available for nutrient extraction for longer.

Psychological symptoms

Lack of performance, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue or depressive moods can improve after the removal of heavy metal residues from the diet.

How should Activomin® be taken?

Activomin® is taken as a capsule, unchewed, with water or tea at mealtimes or after meals.

Dosage and duration of use

In the acute stage of symptoms:

  • Adults

    3 x 2 capsules, for 10 days. Thereafter 3 x 1 capsules, for 20 days.
  • Children over 6 years

    3 x 1 capsule for 10 days. Then 1 capsule daily for 20 days.


    60 and 120 capsules Medicine product / Follow the instructions in the leaflet.

    Interactions with other medication?

    Activomin® should be taken 2 hours apart from chemotherapeutic agents and hormone preparations.