Get diarrhoea under control naturally



Get diarrhoea under control naturally

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  • Ideal for nonspecific diarrhea and gastrointestinal complaints
  • Binds pollutants and toxins and enables their elimination
  • With natural humic acid WH67®
  • Free from animal protein, gluten, lactose and preservatives
Gluten free
Lactose free
from £20.00

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Persistent exposure to environmental toxins such as pesticides and heavy metals that enter our food through the soil can have negative effects on health and the gut microbiome. But it's not just toxins that stress the gut; spoiled food or certain heavy medications can also cause diarrhoea. The natural humic acids contained in OMNi-LOGiC® HUMIN have the ability to firmly bind harmful substances in the human intestine and support the excretion of harmful substances through the stool, which can mitigate the course of the disease. In addition, they protect the intestinal mucosa and soothe irritated nerve endings in the intestine. Increased intestinal activity, as is often the case with stress, poor nutrient utilization and an unbalanced diet, can also be regulated through the use of humic acids.

Who is OMNi-LOGiC® HUMIN suitable for?

OMNi-LOGiC® HUMIN is a medical product in capsule form and ideal for use in cases of non-specific diarrhoea, gastrointestinal complaints and for binding pollutants and toxins.

How does OMNi-LOGiC® HUMIN work?

OMNi-LOGiC® HUMIN contains a special humic acid WH67®:
  • These acids act as a protective film over the intestinal mucosa. In this way, they immobilise the peripheral nerve endings stressed with diarrhoea and accelerate the restoration of physiological intestinal function.
  • They also seal the mucous membranes, thus preventing harmful substances from entering the blood system and can counteract dehydration caused by disease
  • Anti-inflammatory effect

How is OMNi-LOGiC® HUMIN used?

OMNi-LOGiC® HUMIN should preferably taken before, with or after a meal, unchewed and with sufficient liquid, e.g. water or tea.

Recommended uses

  • For unspecific diarrhoea
  • For gastrointestinal complaints
  • For binding pollutants and toxins.

Dosage and Duration of Use

In the event of diarrhoea and/or exposure to pollutants.:
  • Adults: 3 x 2 capsules daily for 10 days. Then 3 x 1 capsule daily for a maximum of 20 days
  • Children from 6 years: 3 x 1 capsule daily for 10 days. Then 2 x 1 or 1 x 1 capsule daily for a maximum of 20 days
  • Adults: 3 x 2 capsules at least 5 days before the planned surgery.

Interactions with other medicine?

OMNi-LOGiC® HUMIN should be taken with a time interval of 2 hours from other medications (especially those with a narrow therapeutic range such as hormones, chemotherapeutic agents) and food supplements (vitamins, minerals)
1 capsule contains 400 mg natural humic acids WH67®. The capsule shell is made of cellulose and coloured with natural chlorophyll.   Free from animal-based ingredients, gelatin, lactose, gluten, iodine and cholesterol. Suitable for diabetics   Medicinal product: Please consult your doctor, pharmacist or the package information leaflet for information about the effects and possible side effects of this product.